The Hosting Tool & Reworked 1.3.5 Responsive Themes


The Hosting Tool & Reworked 1.3.5

Responsive Layout

Theme Only

Need a new look for your Reworked 1.3.5 or TheHostingTool Billing System?
Or maybe just the basis for you to add your own unique look!
Immediate download after payment.

This theme can be used on either the official version of TheHostingTool (tried on Version : 1.2.6) or 1.3.5 Reworked. It simply adds a responsive theme to your existing installation, it does not change any internal files for the client area.

It removes hosting packages from the home page and places them on their respective shared and reseller hosting pages.

The demo websites below are showing the same themes but they are installed on Reworked 1.3.10

Responsive Theme THT01 (DEMO)

Responsive Theme THT02 (DEMO)

Responsive Theme THT03 (DEMO)

Responsive Theme THT04 (DEMO)

Responsive Theme THT04 (DEMO)