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The Hosting Tool

1.3.10 Reworked

Responsive Layout



Added Bonus

A Domain Purchase Version for Testing purposes

This theme provides a responsive layout for your THT 1.3.10 Reworked Reseller Billing System

This is an edited version of THT Reworked 1.3.10 allowing your clients to comfortably use it on any screen size

1.3.10 Reworked is a heavily edited version of The Hosting Tool

Both of which can be obtained free just by searching

The Hosting Tool Official Website Click Here
1.3.10 Reworked on Github Click Here

My major changes include:

Available Packages are now displayed on separate Shared Hosting & Reseller Hosting pages

Editing of files to create responsive client area (currently excluding Invoice page)

Admin can edit the homepage content from admin area

Admin can Upload new header image from admin area

Removed subdomain option on order page

You should already be using Reworked 1.3.10 so you know how it works and you simply want to add a responsive layout to it

If you are using Reworked 1.3.5 then it can be upgraded and this version fixes and makes improvements on your version

As well as the theme I have edited some core files simply so that they allow the website to fit to a small screen when ordering or once logged in.

Added Bonus

A Domain Purchase Version for Testing purposes

Due to several requests to try and add a domain purchase option and although it doesn’t fall comfortably within my skills I have had a go and will include a copy with every purchase of the responsive version, you should treat it exactly as such ie a Demo and test it

Basically, client selects their package, at the bottom of the order form they will have the option to Register a New Domain.

The domain checker is crude and merely does a DNS check, obviously this will not give a 100% guaranteed result.
I have only added 3 domain extensions in this demo but you can add as many as you like but you will have to charge the same price for all domains.

Assuming a domain is being purchased, when your client Places the Order, 2 invoices will be generated – 1 for the hosting plan and 1 for the domain, client will be redirected to Paypal to pay the hosting invoice after which they will be returned to their account where they will see the 2nd outstanding invoice for the domain which they can then pay. Due Date for the domain will be 1 year from date of order.

Domain Purchase DEMO can be seen here

Immediate download after payment.

All downloads also include the Domain Purchase version for test purposes.

Responsive Theme THT01 (DEMO)

Responsive Theme THT02 (DEMO)

Responsive Theme THT03 (DEMO)

Responsive Theme THT04 (DEMO)

Responsive Theme THT05 (DEMO)