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Version 11 Gold
Traffic Exchange / AdRotator
Responsive Design
Font Awesome Member / Admin Areas
PHP 7.2

Run your own Traffic Exchange / AdRotator Combo
If you ever wanted to run a traffic exchange or adrotator but thought it would be too complicated, think again!
This is definately for you.

Demo Login. Username: 'Admin' Password: 'pass'

Members Area

A brief overview of the Members Area:

            Manual surf for credits.

  •        Auto surf for credits.
  •        Pay Per Click (PPC) & Pay Per Impression (PPI) Banner Rotator
  •        Addictive Bonus Credits (keeps members coming back).
  •        Receive Random  Credits when signing in / surfing, clicking ads / SPIN buttons.
  •        Built in On-site / Off-site AdRotator (multiple sizes).
  •        Customizable 125x125 AdCode / Text AdCode.
  •        Built in aesthetic Downline Builder.
  •        Built in URL Rotator.
  •        Purchase additional credits.
  •        Add, change, delete website URLs.
  •        Change activated sites status.
  •        Upgrading of membership.
  •        Automated PayPal Purchases (IPN).
  •        Automated Stripe Purchases (IPN).
  •        Crypto Coin Purchases. (Coinpayments)
  •        Request cash out of earnings once minimum achieved.
  •        Earn credits for referring new members.
  •       Earn cash for referring new members.
  •        Advertising via On-site / Off-site Banner Ad Rotator.
  •        Advertising of Text ads via On-site / Off-site Banner Ad Rotator.
  •       Earn credits on referral purchases (set by admin).
  •       Earn cash on referral purchases (set by admin).
  •   And much much more.....

Admin Area

A brief overview of the Admin Area:

            Changing site admin login info.

  •        Set Currency / Add payment details Paypal, Stripe, Coinpayments.
  •        Set bonus credits for new members.
  •        Set / disable the frequency / amount of Random Bonus Credits.
  •        Set credits and cash users can earn while surfing.
  •        Set credits and cash users can earn for referring new members.
  •        Set credits and cash users can earn for purchases made by their referrals.
  •        Updating, viewing of members account info.
  •        Setting surf timer for each member upgrade level.
  •        Activate / Deactivate sites.
  •        Activate / Deactivate Banner Ads.
  •        Sell account upgrades.
  •        Upload Header image / Logo / Promotional Banners.
  •        Add / Edit Downline Builder sites.
  •        Add / Edit FAQs.
  •        Add / Edit News.
  •        Add / Edit Terms / Privacy Policy.
  •        Manage On-site / Off-site Banner Ad Rotator.
  •        Set commission percentage per account type.
  •        Set cash / credit commission per banner ad impression / click per account type.
  •        Set limit for banner ad impressions / clicks per IP.
  •        Set maximum site limit / views per account type.
  •   And much much more.....

Demo Login. Username: 'Admin' Password: 'pass'

Sell member upgrades, website credits, banner credits - Choose whether or not to pay referral cash / credits - Add your own content from the Admin Area - Let your members advertise different banner sizes (125x125 - 320x100 - 300x250 - 728x90 - 468x60 - 160x600) - Text Ads - Monitor your sites income from the Admin Area - Give your upgraded members access to an unlimited URL Rotator or let all members use it.

Any Custom requirements can be carried out for a reasonable rate - just ask

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