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Affiliate Store
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Run your own Affiliate Store
If you ever wanted to run an affiliate store but thought it would be too complicated, think again!
This is definately for you.

Make Money on Auto Pilot
100% Automated
Just add your Amazon tracking-id, keywords, Ads ...Done!
Amazon Associates Pays You Automatically!

Become a Hands Off Middleman with your own Self Updating Fully Automated Responsive Store

Brief overview

            No stock to hold.

  •        Nothing to package and mail.
  •        All products update automatically.
  •        Requires zero maintenance.
  •        Requires zero HTML knowledge.
  •        All transactions are handled via Amazon.
  •        All sales are handled by the respective sellers.
  •        Add as many search links to the Navigation panel for your visitors as you like, simply add search keywords in your admin area.
  •        Add as many videos as you like.
  •        Font Awesome Administration Area.
  •        Add your own Banners & Ad Codes from within the Admin area.
  •        Add your own personalised content using the editors in the Admin area.
  •        Visitors can run their own searches within your store.
  •        Change the logo & header image, simply upload new ones from the Admin area.
  •        Easily change the color scheme from the Admin area.
  •        Everything can be set & adjusted from within your Admin Area.

Any Custom requirements can be carried out for a reasonable rate - just ask

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